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hackerchef On Softonic since February 2009

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"Excellent Job"

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I discovered this program just a few years ago, now I regrett... yes I should discover it before. The last version works better then the others. There're no words to discribe how much it's useful. I hope that the next version will work even better than this one. This program is the only one that's able to transform Xp Sp3 in an excellent Os as well it is Windows 7.

Some could say that the best programs are not free, in this case it's not the truth. Why? Once I had to take my notbook to an expert since it had a problem with the battery-charge, after he turned on the pc and saw the icon he said: "Look this program is our main enemy". Even if it's not free you can save a lot of many that you can use in an other way for you, you don't have to pay someone else.

  • Excelent
  • It's not free

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05 Nov 2010

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